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Vivacious Lady Beatrice yearns to capture the heart of cynical, world-weary Sir Ranulf...but she's the daughter of a traitorous nobleman. Believing marriage to the man of her dreams impossible, she nevertheless dares to hope for at least one night of passion in his arms.

A knight with a past he'd prefer to forget, Ranulf believes he's too tainted to be worthy of the love of innocent, naive Bea. Yet from the moment he met her, a hope that happiness and contentment might yet be his began to blossom in his lonely heart.

Both Ranulf and Bea also have duties to perform -- Bea's brings her closer to Ranulf, while his puts her in mortal danger. Can he overcome the past that haunts him still to save her? And will "little Lady Bea" get the wish of her heart and have her night in Ranulf's bed?

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HERS TO DESIRE is the last book in Margaret's Brothers-in-Arms series. The other books are
As with all of Margaret's books, this book is written to "stand alone," so you shouldn't feel lost if you haven't read the other books, although she hopes you have!
Readers continue to ask for "Moore." Her latest book is a sparkling, dynamic tale of two lonely hearts who find each other despite their pasts and the evil forces surrounding them."

-- Maria Ferrer, Romantic Times

"HERS TO DESIRE is completely captivating from the first page to the last."

-- Romance Junkies

"All the elements for an action packed adventure are in Hers to Desire. There is mystery, romance, devious villains who plot against our hero and heroine at every turn.... Margaret Moore has outdone herself with ending this medieval series with a sure-to-be bestseller!"

-- A Romance Review

"Strong characterization and a thoughtful plot make this historical romance sizzle with significance! Author Margaret Moore combines the ruggedness of the Middle Ages with the ardency of timeless passion. Readers will be swept up in a current of emotion as they enter a world where men and women revel in the joys of true love."

-- In The Library Reviews


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