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Sir Nicholas was desperately seeking a wife...

The Lord of Dunkeathe had strength and cunning, and with a wife who brought him power and wealth, he would soon be the envy of all. But though countless eager young women paraded before him, vying for his favor, it was the sharp-tongued, quick-witted and completely unsuitable Lady Riona who drew him like no other.

Lady Riona knew full well the arrogant knight would never choose an impoverished Scottish bride, but the Norman devil's heated glances held such promise that even she was ready to swoon at his feet. Lord help her, but Nicholas had her ready to trade her long-protected virtue for the promise of one night of passion in his arms!

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LORD OF DUNKEATHE is the second book in Margaret's Brothers-in-Arms series. The other books are
As with all of Margaret's books, this book is written to "stand alone," so you shouldn't feel lost if you haven't read the other books, although she hopes you have!
"Thanks to Margaret Mooreís wonderful characters and captivating plot, I was easily drawn into the world of medieval Scotland. Riona is a realist with a generous heart who canít bear to disappoint her beloved uncle. Nicholas is sure he will be unable to marry for love and heís willing to sacrifice everything for his estate. I hoped he would finally learn to listen to his heart! LORD OF DUNKEATHE is an excellent sequel to BRIDE OF LOCHBARR. Itís always a treat to revisit old friends.

Highly recommended, especially to fans of medieval romance!"

-- Romance Junkies

"Readers will enjoy the sparring between Nicholas and Riona as they fight their attraction for each other. Ms. Moore has written about two passionate characters who arenít afraid to speak their minds, which makes for a lively and entertaining read. Throw in a fun cast of secondary characters and readers are guaranteed to be engrossed in this story from beginning to end."
-- Love Romances


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