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Many of Margaret's books are linked -- sequels, trilogies and series.
However, Margaret writes each book to "stand alone,"
so if you don't read in order, you shouldn't feel "lost."

IMPORTANT NOTE from Margaret: There's an error on the Harlequin website. They publish two authors named Margaret Moore, me and another Margaret Moore who writes non-fiction. Unfortunately, the links to my bio on the Harlequin site go to the bio of the "non-fiction" Margaret Moore. Attempts to remedy this unfortunate and frustrating situation have not been successful so far, but I'll continue to try to get the links amended.

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Margaret's Books by Time Period:

Dark Ages

Medieval England and Wales

Restoration England

Regency England

Victorian England and Wales

Pre-Civil War Massachusetts

Note: there are other authors named Margaret Moore. If a book title is NOT listed on this website, it is by a different author.


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