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She would have no man...

Far from the intrigues of the king's court, all Lady Gillian desired was to keep her family's estate safe -- and to honor her vow never to marry. Then Sir Bayard de Boisbaston arrived at Averette to warn of possible danger and protect all within. Who was this man, to take over her castle? No matter that he was surely the handsomest knight in the realm, and made her rethink her steadfast vows.

He would have no other....

Chivalry demanded Sir Bayard protect Lady Gillian, though he never expected to do battle with the lady herself. Gillian was a woman of fire and spirit, and soon desire warred with duty as Bayard realized there was kindness and compassion beneath her prickly exterior. But he had come with a task to perform, and seduction and temptation must have no part of it...

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This is the second book in Margaret's series of medieval historical romances set during the reign of King John. The other books are
and the novella THE WELSH LORD'S MISTRESS.
As with all of Margaret's books, this book is written to "stand alone," so you shouldn't feel lost if you haven't read the other books, although she hopes you have!

"The emotions are right on key and the intrigue compelling."
--Romantic Times

"Once again, Margaret Moore creates characters with hidden depths, strong enough to handle unexpected dangers and intelligent enough to trust their own opinions and ideas, neither blindly ignoring nor blindly accepting the advice of others."
-- Romance Junkies

"Fans of historicals, especially medieval settings, will be unable to put Ms. Moore's story down. The story is fresh, fun, fast-paced, engaging, and passionate, with an added touch of adventure. "
-- The Romance Readers Connection


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