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His Arrow Strikes True...

bringing Lady Elizabeth d'Averette face-to-face with the decidedly intriguing Finn -- an outlaw with more honor than most knights. When he saves her from unspeakable violence, she agrees to reward his valorous actions. But would sharing his bed -- however chastely -- prove too high a price to pay?

Finn values courage, a quality Lizette displays in abundance. She joins him in a dangerous subterfuge to rescue his brother and expose the long-held secrets of the royal court, her adventurous spirit seeming to be a true match to his own. But could a noble beauty really care for a common son of the hills of Eire?

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This is the third book in Margaret's series of medieval historical romances set during the reign of King John. The other books are
and the novella THE WELSH LORD'S MISTRESS.
As with all of Margaret's books, this book is written to "stand alone," so you shouldn't feel lost if you haven't read the other books, although she hopes you have!
"Margaret Moore knows how to serve up the perfect medieval tale...well done!"
--A Romance Review

"Moore's medieval starts on an exciting note and maintains that sensation over the course of the whole book. She's created a great hero and heroine who take on a vile, well-written villain, and the love scenes, even though they're mild, add a great deal to the story."
-- Romantic Times


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