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The Tale of Margaret's Regency Series
by Margaret

When I was writing KISS ME QUICK and KISS ME AGAIN, I didn't realize readers were going to be so interested in the fates of Drury and Buggy. When I finished KISS ME AGAIN, it was time to make some serious decisions about my life and career.

You see, the final book in a contract is actually submitted months before it appears on the shelves, so I have to make career decisions based on what I know at that time. When I finished the final manuscript for KISS ME AGAIN, I was then out of contract with Avon Books, and also at Harlequin. I did write proposals for two books, one about Drury (a character I really liked) and one about Buggy, a character I also enjoyed (he seems to me to be a more intelligent version of Foz from my Restoration books). I also had proposals in at Harlequin.

However, I had been struggling with trying to write for two publishers for some time. I hadn't taken much time off in several years. I was suffering, and I thought my writing was, too. The time had come for me to write for just one publisher, so I had a big decision to make.

At the time, my decision seemed like a no-brainer: Harlequin bought my first book, and several more, so I had a considerable backlist there and I could write medievals, my favorite time period. The thing that gave me the most pause about leaving Avon was "abandoning" Drury and Buggy, even though at the time, I had no idea how popular Drury and Buggy would be. Heck, I'd given Drury my grandmother's maiden name. But I had a decision to make, and I made it based on what I felt and what I knew at that time.

Nevertheless, my readers continued to write to me expressing their frustration and disappointment that I hadn't written about Drury and Buggy, and the hope that I could someday. To be honest, these bothered me. A lot. Not only because I hate disappointing my readers, but because I loved Drury and Buggy, too.

Then I got the chance to give Drury and Buggy their own happy endings through Harlequin, and I leapt at it.

Some people have asked if I'm going to be writing about Charlie Grendon, the fifth member of the group. Unfortunately, over time, Charlie has really faded from my imagination, so probably not. On the other hand, I never thought I'd be writing about Drury or Buggy again, either....

Here I am standing beside the sign for the country road named after her mother's family, the Drurys. Some of my relatives still live there. As you can see from the barn in the background, it's farm country. My mother's family, the Drurys and the Moores, have farmed this part of Canada -- Kent County, Ontario -- for over a hundred years.